The Umbrella Organization for the voice of Outdoor Recreation in Washington State.

The power of the Big Tent  lies not with any individual or with any shiny advertising or marketing campaigns, but with the combined weight of dozens of organizations and agencies who believe in the collective value of outdoor recreation. The Big Tent engages Washington leaders to view outdoor recreation as a sector, one which has catalyzed the economy in every nook and cranny of the state while contributing to active and healthy living choices for our citizens.

#RecreateResponsibly to Protect Yourself, Others, and the Outdoors

During this public health crisis, spending time in outdoor spaces has become even more important for many Americans. Yet these unusual circumstances mean that all of us, from seasoned outdoor enthusiasts to families heading out to their local park for the first time, could use a little guidance about how to stay safe. The Recreate Responsibly guidelines offer a starting point for getting outside to keep yourself healthy and to maintain access to our parks, trails, and beaches. [ LEARN MORE ]



We Represent Outdoor Recreation

Big Tent Membership Renewal Invitation
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Big Tent Membership Renewal Invitation

January-December 2019

And we aren’t alone in our advocacy. In the last year, a burgeoning group of bipartisan legislators meets weekly to better champion our efforts. Other sectors don’t have these champions. Then again, other sectors don’t reach across the state like we do.

I can tell you that this upcoming year will be our most important year yet, and we are asking that you stay involved. We’ve made great strides in raising awareness of the economic, social, and health benefits of the outdoor recreation sector across Washington. But more progress needs to be made and more challenges lie ahead.

Speaking of looking ahead, you might be wondering, “What are the priorities for the Big Tent Coalition?” Great question! We are fully committed to ensuring that the outdoor recreation economy’s level in the capital and operating budgets are commensurate with impact of our sector. Plus, we will be on hand to support and oppose bills that fall in line with our values that outdoor fun is a good thing.

Still, we must keep up the effort to show how recreation is integral to a high quality of life, a strong economy, and a sustainable future. The data demonstrates that outdoor recreation in Washington is big business -- on par with or even exceeding the jobs our state boasts in aerospace and high tech. But we have to tell that story by educating local and state leaders, empowering passionate communities, and networking among user groups.

Of course, to truly be a big tent, we need financial resources.  We ask that you join us again this year and renew your membership in the Big Tent Outdoor Recreation Coalition.  Membership rates are:

  • Individual $25
  • Non-profit organization $75
  • For-profit organization $150

To renew, please visit our renewal page at http://www.bigtentcoalition.info/join

Thank you again for joining the effort to raise the profile of outdoor recreation.  Together, we’re enjoying success – and with your help, we can do much more.

Warm regards,

Peter Schrappen, President
Big Tent Outdoor Recreation Coalition
More information at www.bigtentcoalition.info

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